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Shinjiro Saeki

Shinjiro Saeki

Director of Japan edible science laboratory / Staff of NGO ISAPH
NPO法人 食用昆虫科学研究会理事長 / 特定非営利活動法人ISAPH 職員

In 2008, when Saeki was a graduate student at Tohoku University, he was inspired by a biologist Mutsugoro’ s speech: “I have eaten every creature that I used in my experiments.” Saeki eventually founded a Sendai branch of
cooking club of insects. He joined Tokyo Insects Cooking Club in 2010, and has continued to develop new recipes. Recently he puts an effort on creating a new insect-meal using food science and food processing research.

東北大学院生だった2008年、学祭で講演したムツゴロウ氏の「実験に使った生物は全部食べてみた」発言に感化され昆虫を美味しく食べるため「昆虫料理研究会仙台支部」設立。2010 年からは東京昆虫料理研究会に合流し精力的に新メニュー開発を行う。食品科学、食品加工学を用いた新規の昆虫料理開発ができないか試行錯誤中。

Development insect food: Madagokki soup curry, boiled silkworm adult brown sugar, various freeze-dried variety, Tagame ginger vodka cube kaka chakogane chocolate, semi adult chili